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What If You Flip the Script Like a Fish?

What if you took after a sarcastic fringehead and tried taking on a responsibility someone else on your team would typically do?

The sarcastic fringehead not only has a fascinating name (read why!), it also distinguishes itself from many other animals in that it is the fringehead father's job to protect the eggs rather than their sarcastic mother.

What if you took a day... hell, take an hour, to do the job of someone else, but do it with intention:

-discover what you're naturally good at

-discover what you naturally struggle with

-discover one way you can be more helpful to the person who normally has that responsibility

Furthermore, the sarcastic fringehead isn't really sarcastic (as far as scientists have been able to determine), at least not in the sense we use the term "sarcasm" today; rather, it's name comes from the original Greek meaning of the word, sarkazein, or "to tear flesh off like a dog."

Words and their meanings can change over time. What could be a future (or dual) meaning of your company's name?

Want to stay curious? What if you feed your curiosity and the Animal Entrepreneur!

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