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What to Wonder about ChatGPT for Business

A Curiosity-Based Thinking approach to discovering ChatGPT

Let your curiosity about AI chatbots like ChatGPT lead your learning with these Curiosity-Based Thinking processes to take a curiosity-based approach to discovering what you can do and how your business can benefit with emerging technology.

What if ChatGPT...?

What if we used ChatGPT to improve the efficiency of our internal communications and collaboration?

What if we used ChatGPT to assist with data entry and analysis in our CRM?

Discovering ChatGPT from What? to Wow!

What are the potential limitations of using ChatGPT?

Who can we speak with to get more information on how to implement ChatGPT?

When will be the best time to start a pilot project for ChatGPT?

Where can we find case studies of other companies using ChatGPT?

Why is ChatGPT an important technology for our business to consider?

Huh? Can you provide more information about a specific use case for ChatGPT?

Wow! How can ChatGPT help us gain a competitive advantage in our industry?

Curiosity Q&A

How can ChatGPT be used to create personalized marketing campaigns for our customers?

Deeper Learning: Consider how ChatGPT can be integrated with other technologies such as CRM systems and marketing automation software to create a seamless personalized marketing experience for customers.

Challenge: Create a personalized marketing campaign using ChatGPT and test its effectiveness by comparing the campaign's performance to a non-personalized campaign. Analyze the results and make recommendations for future personalized marketing campaigns.


A culture of curiosity is essential for business success. By fostering curiosity and creating a culture of curiosity, businesses can tap into the creativity and knowledge of their employees to drive innovation, stay informed about emerging trends, and adapt to changing market conditions. If you're ready to unlock the power of curiosity in your organization, contact What If Curiosity to bring Curiosity-Based Thinking training to your business today.


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