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What to Wonder to Make Tuesday Terrific!

A Curiosity-Based Thinking approach to making Tuesday Terrific

Enjoy eight "what ifs...?" and eight Tuesday-based jokes to make your Tuesday even better than your Monday!

What if Tuesdays were actually called "Tickle-me-Tuesdays" and everyone got tickled when they woke up?

What if Tuesdays were "Tumbleweed Tuesdays," and you could ride on a tumbleweed all day?

What if every Tuesday was "Try-something-new Tuesday," where everyone had to try a new activity or food?

What if Tuesdays were "Transformation Tuesdays," where people could magically change into something else for the day?

What if Tuesdays were "Teleportation Tuesdays" and people could teleport anywhere they wanted to go?

What if Tuesdays were "Twinning Tuesdays" and everyone had a twin that they got to spend the day with?

What if Tuesdays were "Telekinesis Tuesdays," and you could move objects with your mind?

What if Tuesdays were "Turn-back-time Tuesdays," and you could relive any Tuesday from your past?

Tuesday Jokes

If those what-if questions weren't enough to make your Tuesday terrific, here are some question jokes about Tuesday to tickle your funny bone and your curiosity!

- What did Tuesday say when it met Wednesday? "I’ll see you next week!”

- Why was Tuesday afraid of Wednesday? Because Wednesday always follows too closely.

- Why did Tuesday cross the road? To get to the "Hump Day" on the other side

- Why don't Tuesdays like Thursdays? Because Thursday always steals its thunder

- How does Tuesday like its coffee? “With a little bit of Wednesday, hold the Monday”

- Why was Tuesday feeling down? Because Monday was a drag

- What does Tuesday wear to the gym? “Tuesday-day casuals”

- How does Tuesday like to start its day? With a good "Monday-ning"

Curious why more curiosity is great for whatever you are doing?

Curiosity is a bio-hack. As Dr. Huberman points out, the act of getting curious releases dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine simultaneously to produce a unique effect on the human body and brain. Learning how to harness and leverage this “hack” gives you a tremendous advantage in getting more done in whatever you are doing and finding greater satisfaction in what comes from it.

Curiosity can be so many things, it is easy to get lost in its power and potential. To simplify things here's a quick list of just some of what we know curiosity can do. Enjoy and stay curious!


Be sure to follow along with What If Curiosity as I will dive deeper with more specific examples and actions for how you can take a Curiosity-Based Thinking approach to learn, get, and enjoy more out of all you do.


Let's chat to maximize the power of your curiosity!

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