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What to Wonder to Make Wednesday Marvelous

A Curiosity-Based Thinking approach to making Wednesday Marvelous

Enjoy these "what ifs...?" and Wednesday-based jokes to make your Wednesday even better than your Tuesday!

What if Wednesday was a musical instrument?

What if Wednesday was a person, who would they be?

What if Wednesday was a country, what would its flag look like?

What if Wednesday was a planet, what would it be like?

What if Wednesday was a type of food, what would it taste like?

What if Wednesdays were 25 hours long?

What if Wednesday was the only day of the week that the sun shone?

What if Wednesday was a shape, what would it be?

Wednesday Jokes

If those what-if questions weren't enough to make your Wednesday more marvelous, here are some question jokes about Wednesday to tickle your funny bone and your curiosity!

- Why do Wednesdays always feel like they're stuck in the middle of the week? Because they are.

- Why did Wednesday cross the road? To get to the weekend on the other side.

- What do you call a sleepwalking nun on Wednesday? A roamin' Catholic.

- Why is Wednesday always so drained? Because it has to carry the weight of the week.

- Why don't scientists trust atoms on a Wednesday? They make up everything.

- I had a dream I was eating a giant marshmallow on a Wednesday, and when I woke up my pillow was gone.

- Why did Wednesday go to therapy? It had midweek blues.

- What did Wednesday say when it saw Thursday? "I am almost there!"

Curious why more curiosity is great for whatever you are doing?

Curiosity is a bio-hack. As Dr. Huberman points out, the act of getting curious releases dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine simultaneously to produce a unique effect on the human body and brain. Learning how to harness and leverage this “hack” gives you a tremendous advantage in getting more done in whatever you are doing and finding greater satisfaction in what comes from it.

Curiosity can be so many things, it is easy to get lost in its power and potential. To simplify things here's a quick list of just some of what we know curiosity can do. Enjoy and stay curious!


Be sure to follow along with What If Curiosity as I will dive deeper with more specific examples and actions for how you can take a Curiosity-Based Thinking approach to learn, get, and enjoy more out of all you do.


Let's chat to maximize the power of your curiosity!

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