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Curiosity Based Learning for Parents 1.0

What if, there were a simple learning process both parent and child can perfect in minutes, can be reused for any subject or assignment, and can be done every day with every new focus of learning or objective?

Curious how Curiosity Based Learning works for parents turned remote learning educators?

To use Curiosity Based Learning, I recommend two things to start:

1) choose a text, topic, or learning objective for the day... or visit the Library of Curiosity

2) introduce your kids to the What? to Wow! process (I've got tons of short videos and write-ups on What? to Wow! and most blog posts/activities I'm sharing are shared explicitly through What? to Wow!)

Once you are all familiar with What? to Wow! you can use it to introduce something new to learn or to see how much was learned.

To start, present the new reading/content/learning objective/s for the day, week, unit through What? to Wow! and then ask your kid to respond to their reading/interaction with content or learning objective/s with a What? to Wow! (total of 8 sentences) of their own.

From that initial What? to Wow! you can:

a) ask your kids to expand with detail/supporting sentences for each of their eight What? to Wow! sentences

b) point them in new (personal, relevant, etc.) directions of additional learning

c) connect it to and/or prep the next lesson or activity

d) ask your kids to create an new What? to Wow! of questions (as opposed to answers) they have about the reading/content/learning objective

For example, in the Superheroes of Chemistry blog, I am using the book The Elements as the "text" and I introduce it, the class subject (chemistry/science), and the Curiosity Based Learning Process we'll be using throughout the entire unit (in this case) in the first (2 min read) post: "What If Chemical Elements Were Superheroes?"

After that, each element--er, superhero!--gets a two, single day/lessons, one for each of Curiosity Based Learning process introduced on Day 1. So, Hydrogen gets two blog posts/days with two, different Curiosity Based Learning processes (What? to Wow! and Curiosity Q&A).

You can see in "Curious about What If Hydrogen Were a Superhero?" that you can both link to additional content you want your students to explore/learn from and include activities ("homework") for them to do and share with you for evaluation.

All of the Curiosity Based Learning lessons posted in the Library of Curiosity are designed to be flexible and expandable: a full day of activities that can be done all at once, or broken down into individual days/activities of their own.

Of course, Curiosity Based Learning works when it's being created by those most closely connected to their learners' curiosity!We are constantly adding lessons/activities to the Library of Curiosity, but if you have any specific books, topics, learning objectives, etc. we'd be stoked to make some just for you and your kids. So, if there are any other ways I an help out, just let me know:

Stay curious!


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