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Curious about What If Hydrogen Were a Superhero?

What if hydrogen were a superhero?

What: Hydrogen's super power would be that he's super available: need something, ask Hydrogen, he's probably around; need help making something useful, connect with Hydrogen, he's easy to bond with; need to help understanding something simple, look to Hydrogen, with only one proton and one electron, he's pretty helpful when it comes to understanding some of the more complicated chemicals out there.

Who: Chemists aren't the only scientists curious about Hydrogen and his superpowers, physicists are fond of Hydrogen's simple structure because he provides them with the power to explore formulas for quantum mechanics.

How: How is it possible to ever see Hydrogen if he's a colorless gas? In outer space, Hydrogen can take up so much space, he absorbs light; this light can then be seen from Earth with high-powered telescopes.

Where: No offense to Earth, but Hydrogen would probably prefer most of his time out in the stars where hydrogen gets transmuted into helium, giving those stars their shine.

When: Whenever Hydrogen finds himself with the wrong crowd, he can have some rather explosive results; he can be quite combustible.

Why: Hydrogen is incredibly important to humans because of his on-going collaboration with Oxygen to make water.

Huh?: Hydrogen is a member of the secret, chemical superhero organization, CHON: find out what that is!

Wow!: When using a device called a thyratron, Hydrogen can create electricity!

Super Student Actions: What is Hydrogen's "superpower"? What is Hydrogen's "weakness"? Who/what is Hydrogen's mortal enemy? What does Hydrogen's superhero costume look like?

Bonus Activity: Create your own What? to Wow! questions you would like to learn about hydrogen.

Extra Bonus Activity: In addition to creating your own questions you'd like to learn about hydrogen, what new information can you discover about hydrogen?

Curiosity Based Learning

What? to Wow!


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