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Curious about Pink Fairy Armadillos

What if there were a type of armadillo called a pink fairy?

What would it look like? Draw and describe what you think.

Who do you think calls the pink fairy, pichiciego? Make a postcard from the land of the pichiciegos.

How do you think the pink fairy protects itself from predators? Imagine a pink fairy armadillo predator belly-aching to his friend about almost eating some pink fairy for dinner last night.

When do you think the pink fairy comes out to hunt? Write an invitation from one pink fairy armadillo to the other inviting it out for a hunt.

Where do you think a pink fairy lives? Draw and describe its home.

Why do you think the pink fairy isn't picky about what it eats? Create a menu for a pink fairy armadillo restaurant.

Huh?: The last plate of armor on a pink fairy is called a "butt plate." What do you think the pink fairy uses it for? Write a haiku titled, "Butt Plate"

Wow!: What if you had claw and armored plates? What color would they be and what would you primarily use the for?

Curiosity Based Learning

What? to Wow!

The Screaming Hairy Armadillo

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