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Curious about the Hellbender

What if there were a creature called the hellbender?

What do you think a hellbender would look like? Draw and describe one.

Who would make the hellbender the official amphibian of their state? What is the official amphibian of the state or country where you live? If you don't have one, award one! Either way, write a short speech as that amphibian accepting the award of State Amphibian.

How big do you fear hellbenders grow? Create bar graphs showing how hellbenders compare in size and weight to other salamanders.

When hellbenders are underwater, how do you think they breath? What if you could breath underwater? Create a pie graph depicting the amount of time you would spend on land, in water, underwater, elsewhere (?).

Where do you think hellbenders spend most of their time? If you were a hellbender realtor, how would you describe the "perfect" home for a happy hellbender in an ad on social media in 280 characters or less?

Why do you think they rely on touch and smell to find prey instead of eyesight?

Huh?: Hellbenders are also sometimes called, "snot otters"; why do you think so?

Wow!: Crayfish can make up to 90% of a hellbender's diet! What if your diet consisted 90% of one dish, what would it be? Create a graph showing your entire diet breakdown.

Curiosity Based Learning

What? to Wow!

The Screaming Hairy Armadillo

Image Credit:

Julie Benbassat


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