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Manifest Curiosity Part IV: 8 Core Processes

This post is the first in a series of posts from Manifest Curiosity that details they hows, whens, and whys of Curiosity Based Learning.

8 Core Processes

These proprietary processes have been developed and refined from over two decades working in global education, social entrepreneurship, and publishing. They can be done individually or pieced together as a longer process.

The 8 Core Processes of What If Curiosity’s Curiosity Based Learning are designed to be done collaboratively, relying on nothing more than the individual curiosities within the group powering it. Each one can be described on a single piece of paper and can be done without needing to plug anything in or connecting to the Internet.

Everyone from grade schoolers to CEOs have used these Curiosity Based Learning processes to make the tasks before them more manageable, enjoyable, and their own. Each process is grounded in curiosity, results in purposeful actions, and takes users along pathways of empathy, inquiry, and discovery to reaching the solutions they are seeking. Adjacent outcomes for users of What If Curiosity’s Curiosity Based Learning are more empathetic, enthusiastic, and capable communicators with biases toward collaborative actions.

  1. What If…? 8 Step Process: What if you could turn any idea into helpful actions in 8 steps?

  2. What? to Wow! (W?2W!): What if you could go from “what is going on?” to “wow, can’t wait to start!”?

  3. What If…? Power Sentence: What if one sentence can guide your work, business, or actions?

  4. Discovery Learning (a.k.a. Leafy Sea Dragon): What if you could fuel your curiosity with discovery?

  5. Curiosity Q&A: What if you replaced questions and answers with questions and actions?

  6. 100 Chances: What if you had 100 chances to accomplish what you needed done?

  7. Problem Pizza (a.k.a Topic Pizza): What if every problem is a slice of pizza?

  8. Steps-in-Between: Take any actions you are taking forward and identifying the immediate, sequential steps to be taken between where you currently are and need to go next; can be repeated for specifying steps taken to the exact week, day, hour, or minute.

Stay Curious with Manifest Curiosity Part V: What If…? 8 Step Process

Curiosity Based Learning

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