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Manifest Curiosity Part VI:

This post is the first in a series of posts from Manifest Curiosity that details they hows, whens, and whys of Curiosity Based Learning.

What? to Wow! (W?2W!)

The What? to Wow! (W?2W!) process makes the complex simple, easy to communicate, and ready to manipulate for new purposes. Regardless of how it is used, W?2W! provides users with a quick way to understand something, communicate that understanding, become aware of challenges to that understanding, and provide direction and motivation toward actions arising from that understanding.

W?2W! has been used for an endless list of purposes. A few:

  • Introducing a new subject or concept to students

  • Serving as a comprehension check on something learned

  • Providing the general structure or outline for an essay, article, or writing

  • Creating and communicating and “elevator pitch”

  • Bringing focus to a project or action

What it looks like on one page. The process is to provide a single sentence response to all eight questions, taking no longer than a minute to think and write the response. It takes a single page, 10 minutes, and can be repeated, extended, or attached to other Curiosity Based Learning processes.

Image Credit: Dr. Edna Bravo

What? to Wow! of What If Curiosity’s Curiosity Based Learning

What: An approach to learning that utilizes an equitable, renewable, naturally occurring, powerful form of energy: curiosity.

Who: Anyone willing to access their natural curiosity.

How: It works best when groups crowd-source their curiosity collaboratively.

Where: Wherever the conditions for curiosity exist.

When: Whenever deeper, efficient, long-term learning is needed; especially when “normal” won’t do.

Why: Because it allows for learning anywhere, anytime, from anyone, and without limitations, resulting in relevant learning that is not just acquired, but owned by the learner.

Huh?: How do we engage everyone on the planet to fuel their learning with curiosity?

Wow!: It would make innovation as natural as wondering “what if…?”

Stay Curious with Manifest Curiosity Part VII: What If…? Power Sentence

Curiosity Based Learning


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