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What If Curiosity Is a Tool for Strategy?

How does curiosity provide solutions for strategic planning for the Corporation of Tomorrow?

Imagine last November you spent any amount of time exploring this question:

"What if nobody can come to work in a few of months?"

Or this one:

"What if none of our customers can come to our store in a few months?"

Or this one:

"What if in a few months, our most important function as an organization will be to serve our immediate community and save the world?"

Of course, not all curiosity nor all questions need be so dire; that's not the point. What if the point is you, as a leader, and your leadership team, as a unit, spend time everyday--even if it's eight minutes--exploring the infinite possible, adjacent possibilities, and other relevant "what ifs"?

What If Curiosity works directly with leaders, providing them with tools and approaches to help future-proof their business strategy.

What if the most valuable outcomes from incorporating curiosity and Curiosity Based Learning activities into your strategic planning won't necessarily come from the immediate exploration of these "what if" scenarios or even the curious ideas you generate from them; rather, the value comes from exercising your brain muscle in a way that makes it and your actions more flexible, adaptable, and effective no matter what attempts gums up your plans, no matter how strategic you were in making them?

Using Curiosity Based Learning for your strategic planning and approach to organizational leadership probably won't provide you with exact answers today for the problems you face tomorrow, but it will give you and your team a sensation of deja new so when the unexpected happens, you'll navigate it with the confidence and control of feeling like you've been there before, thanks to the strength of your curiosity.

Happy to help during these curious times. Get more curious with The Book of What If...? or Manifest Curiosity for ideas, questions, and activities to start getting more curious with your strategy.

Want to stay curious? What if you feed your curiosity and the Corporation of Tomorrow!

Thank you for your curiosity and stay curious with more Curiosity-Based Learning content and activities from What If Curiosity!

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