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What If People Lived for Only One Day?

Curiosity Based Learning Curiosity Q&A for the Corporation of Tomorrow from The Book of What If...?

Question: What if you lived for only one day?

Action: Fill out your Single-Day Planner: fill in 24 lines with no more than a single sentence each describing what you'd do for each hour of the day if you only had one day to live.

Keep in Mind: You could make an argument you do only live for one day. I mean, who really knows where you go after you fall asleep?

Deeper Learning: What if time, like space, is all about perspective? What's the difference between waking up tomorrow to find you only have one more day to live and being born one day to live your entire existence, from birth to old age, during the time it takes the Earth to orbit the Sun?

Challenge: Record a day in your life. Choose an upcoming day and document as much as you can in writing, pictures, artifacts, or whatever comes to mind to capture and catalog a day in your life. Put it all together to reflect on in the future. What if what you saw was an accurate summary of your entire existence? Would you be satisfied? Would you live your life again? What changes should you make? What should you be more grateful about?

Want to stay curious? What if you feed your curiosity and the Corporation of Tomorrow!

Thank you for your curiosity and stay curious with more Curiosity-Based Learning content and activities from What If Curiosity!

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