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What If We Start with a Scream?

Welcome to the world, Screaming Hairy Armadillo!

What if getting curious about animals with crazy names can get more people helping to protect our planet so we can all share a home on it?

What if the best way to save our planet is to start getting curious about it?

We live in the greatest period of human history, yet we teeter on a balance of trashing it all.

Unfortunately, most advice and information is shouted at and forced upon us. No wonder we have so many deaf ears wandering through our world. What if we need more ways for people to engage with the world that are relevant to them and valuable to others?

What if, rather than having someone scream at you about the destruction of our natural world, your curiosity about a screaming hairy (or a pink fairy) armadillo could lead to deeper discovery about these little critters that extends to empathy not just for them, but the environment, people, and cultures that interconnect with them everyday?

And what if from that empathy comes actions that lead to more satisfying lives and more creative solutions to our global issues?

What are some take aways you can learn from a screaming hairy armadillo from the book, The Screaming Hairy Armadillo?

* Screaming hairy armadillos have a highly adapted kidneys to help them cope with their environment, so screaming hairy armadillos rarely need to drink water. How have you--or could you--adapt to your environment to help make your life easier?

* Screaming hairy armadillos don't scream for fun, it's their last line of defense against bigger predators. What is your last line of defense when you feel your predators closing in? Is it effective? Can it be improved?

* Screaming hairy armadillos have a lot of potential predators as it's the tiniest of all armadillos. Think of a time you were the tiniest among your peers. What did you learn or develop from the experience that has helped you get out of a hairy situation?

Thank you for welcoming the screaming hairy armadillo to our world. Here's to a better one. Stay curious!

Carried away with curiosity after reading The Screaming Hairy Armadillo?

What if we've got free supplemental material using Curiosity-Based Learning to help you dig deeper and scream louder with The Screaming Hairy Armadillo?

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