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What If We Use Curiosity to Create the “New Normal”?

What if we use curiosity to create the "new normal" of education in a COVID-19 world.

If you asked me once: "why is curiosity the most critical component in learning?"

I'd reply: duh!

If you asked me twice, I'd ask you:

What if curiosity is the linchpin in designing relevant, learner-centered experiences grounded in empathy, discovery, and global collaboration with a bias toward action?

What if curiosity can be used to explore everything from the unknown to the what's next?

What if curiosity ensures learning is done without ownership and encourages more self-directed learning experiences?

What if curiosity is the only way the "new normal" of education will be anywhere close to where it needs to be?

What if, whether you're wrapping up your school year, in the middle of it, or already anxious about what next year will look like, what if you get curious with us as we explore a number of ways "normal" might look, such as:

What if there are no teachers?

What if there is no school (building)?

What if there is no school?

What if there are no administrators?

What if every educator is an entrepreneur?

What if there is no homework?

What if there are no exams?

What if you're a parent, you're a teacher?

These eight curiosities are proclaiming neither endorsements, nor prophecies; what if they are starting points of collaborative design to create the school of tomorrow, today. Because we've all been waiting to long.

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