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What to Wonder to Make Saturday Supreme

A Curiosity-Based Thinking approach to making your Saturday sing!

Enjoy these Saturday"what ifs...?" to make your Saturday even better than your Friday!

Cultivating a culture of curiosity takes time, effort, and a willingness to take risks, but by starting small and incorporating Curiosity-Based Thinking into your Saturdays, you can begin to see the benefits of thinking with a more curious mindset.

Simple Curiosity-Based Thinking activities like this "What to Wonder..." on a Saturday can also foster a more creative and innovative environment, where people are more willing to take risks, and be more open to new ideas and perspectives.

Taking a Curiosity-Based Thinking approach is a powerful tool for developing a culture of curiosity and for transforming one's perspective on anything from the days of the week to how to get things done.

What if...? Saturday

What if on Saturdays everyone on Earth had a third arm?

What if on Saturdays the sun was replaced by a giant disco ball?

What if Saturdays were made of ice cream?

What if every Saturday it snowed cotton candy?

What if you could turn into any animal on Saturdays?

What if all the trees turned into giant swings on Saturdays?

What if all the streets turned into water slides on Saturdays?

What if all the buildings turned into giant Lego sets on Saturdays?

How to use these Curiosity-Based Thinking questions to start cultivating a culture of curiosity within yourself and or your organization:

* Take a few minutes each Saturday to explore these "what if...?" questions individually or as a team activity.

* Explore and learn as much as you can from these questions and the thoughts you have from them such as visiting a new place, trying a new hobby, or testing out an idea at work or on a project.

* Use the thoughts you have from hearing these questions as an opportunity to learn about new topics or skills, by reading, taking online courses, or attending workshops.

* Encourage others to join in and share their own "what if...?" questions and ideas.

*Reflect on what you've learned and experienced exploring these "what if...?" questions and share it with your team or colleagues.

By taking these simple steps, you can start to create a culture of curiosity within yourself and your organization. This can lead to greater engagement, job satisfaction, and ultimately to greater organizational success. For you, as an individual, developing a stronger culture of curiosity can lead to more opportunities for growth, learning, and self-discovery, leading to a more fulfilling and happier life.

Embracing a Curiosity-Based Thinking approach to develop a culture of curiosity can transform your perspective on any day to make it as exciting as a Saturday. Discover more about how this approach can help cultivate a culture of curiosity in your personal and professional life, by visiting What If Curiosity.


Curious why more curiosity is excellent for whatever you are doing?

Curiosity can be so many things, it is easy to get lost in its power and potential. To simplify things here's a quick list of just some of what we know curiosity can do. Enjoy and stay curious!


Be sure to follow along with What If Curiosity as I will dive deeper with more specific examples and actions for how you can take a Curiosity-Based Thinking approach to learn, get, and enjoy more out of all you do.

Let's chat to maximize the power of your curiosity!

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